Contagious Kindness

My friend’s daughter had a melt down at Target recently. It was a big melt down involving screaming and tears. A full-on scene which led to my friend shedding a few tears herself. I have never had the honor or challenge of mothering a small child, but I know every mother deserves medals, trophies and much more for their service. Children, bless ‘em, are challenging...and rewarding, of course.  

A kind woman came to her assistance when the chips were down and helped her distract her daughter and make the situation better. This reminded me of another scene that played out in a giant sun flower field with a Mom and her two small children. The eldest, about 4 years old was whining and crying. She was warming up to have a major melt down. The mom was clearly upset by this as was the little girl’s little brother. Just as it was beginning to escalate to 3 alarm a woman approached out of what seemed like thin air and asked if she could walk with them. The mom said you won’t want to walk with us, but the woman seemed not to hear her mild protest and went into action. She talked to the little girl and was so sweet and comforting that when offered to be carried the little one went into the arms of this woman without hesitation. It was as if she had known her all her life. Suddenly I felt ashamed of myself for not being so brave as to step in to help. When an opportunity to assist comes along I always want to step up! It is such a gift to be able to help someone else. That woman was an angel. I am positive of that. As we walked the field I noticed them several more times strolling around. The little girl content to be in this woman’s arms as the woman inquired about her dress and sun glasses. Her mom relieved to have avoided a major melt down and a ruined walk in a gorgeous sun flower field on a beautiful Fall day. I promised myself the next opportunity that I could find, I would jump in and help where I could. I’m not a “toddler whisperer” like that angel, but even a kind word would have been welcomed to that distressed mom. Within minutes I found another mom with kids and noticed she was trying to take a family picture of the three of them “selfie style.” It wasn’t going well. Here was my first opportunity to practice my promise. She gladly accepted my offer to take some pics of her and her two sons. I could feel her appreciation in this tiny gesture. So, so easy. The angel had inspired me. A shout out to my friend’s angel who helped her through a tough moment. I hope the onlookers were inspired to make a promise to assist in their next opportunity. Kindness tends to be contagious. May you find an opportunity to be kind today. They are all around!  

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