Our next event is December 1, 6;30pm at Josef Barbados, Rockford.

Our Mission: Embrace You! That's it.

It is so, so simple that often times we just don't even think about it. That is what we're talking about. This isn't an evening of lectures and handouts. This is a little soiree where we will have conversation with amazing women (yes, YOU!) and practice the art of feeling good in the moment. It's a belief that the more we feel good, the more we feel good. Simple and yet so often we don't take the time to do it. We don't splurge on ourselves to allow for it. What and who we surround ourselves is important. The details do matter.

I just heard recently that "A well lived life is a life of moments that take your breath away."

The moments are all around us if we are open to them.

Wanna play? RSVP at soulspajourneys.com under "Next Event".

#selfcare #lawofattraction #foodie #wineenthusiast #positivity

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