Elections are behind us and whether you're joyous or dejected, we need to keep on keeping on. Now we can look to the horizons ahead and start our turkey time planning, family get-togethers, holiday events and all the lovely things that happen at the end of the year. It's Fourth Quarter and work may stop for a Holiday Party but it doesn't cease. In fact, for some, Fourth Quarter is the time to pull out all the stops and "hit it hard" to meet or exceed year-end goals.

Before you get in high gear with the next task at hand, be sure to "put your oxygen mask on" (as they say in the safety message before every flight). Self-care is critically important. We tend to "shake off" the stresses of life (like elections and holidays) as something that we just need to handle. It's status quo.

However, by taking a little "me time" and frequent breathers, it is scientifically proven to make us more productive AND, most importantly, happier. It may not mean you are able to fly off to the Caribbean for a week or a weekend. It doesn't have to be extreme. What can you do to de-stress and even pamper (yes, I said it) yourself? What feels decadent and lovely to you? Whether it be a lovely bath, burning nice candles or getting out in nature for a little walk in the neighborhood, there are always little opportunities to get in touch with YOU. The mission: FEEL GOOD NOW.

Part of my practice is to take time to notice and appreciate the most minuscule things that delight my senses. By appreciating the small stuff, it seems to become accumulative in its de-stressing ability. For example, I live across the street from a public golf course. In the Fall and Winter (or whenever it is closed), I walk the course. I call it the ocean because the wide open sky in the middle of the fairway feels like it could swallow me up in its vastness. It feels amazing to walk out there and visit my favorite trees and watch the changing sky. There is a huge Oak. Okay, I'll admit it. I have hugged it. I have greeted it out loud with "thanks for being here!" It is good for the soul to thank out loud for the things that we appreciate. I do so regularly and admittedly it makes me giddy. I'm sure if the neighbors are watching they know I'm a bit off my nut in that regard, but to look silly is worth the reward.

Little acts of kindness go a long way to revive our soul in what sometimes feels like a weary world. Start with an act of kindness to yourself and see if that doesn't give you more energy to take on the world. Next thing you know, those acts of kindness are flowing to everyone in your path. Acts of kindness are like super fuel for our mind, body and spirit.

You do know that being good to you is a great way to teach the world how to treat you? It is. Want to feel even better, hang out with people who get it, who are also seeking the joy in life. There are opportunities everywhere in every day.

What little thing makes you feel giddy...or at least makes you feel better?


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